About Dental Crowns

A dental crown or “cap” is a full coverage dental restoration designed to prevent the tooth from further fracture or decay. A crown covers the tooth and restores it to the tooth's original shape and size. Dr. Rizner may recommend a crown when more than half the tooth contains previous filling material, a fracture is present, or there is decay that would require more than around half of the tooth to be removed.

At Dentistry on Fruitville, we use very strong, tooth-colored porcelain that is very resistant to fracture. Dr. Rizner will discuss and decide with you which type of porcelain is best for your tooth. Zirconia, the strongest type of porcelain, is used mainly on posterior (back) teeth and in certain instances on anterior (front) teeth if you grind your teeth. We use veneering porcelain (lithium disilicate or feldspathetic porcelain) for our more cosmetic cases when aesthetics are the primary concern.

Crown Procedure

When you visit our Sarasota dental office for a crown, Dr. Rizner will use local anesthetic to anesthetize the tooth. The tooth is then shaped to provide space for the crown. An impression (or mold) of the tooth is then taken in order for the lab to fabricate the dental crown. You will leave with a temporary crown at the initial visit, which will restore the tooth’s shape and allow you to function properly while the permanent restoration is being made. In most cases, you will return in two to three weeks for the removal of the temporary and cementation of the permanent crown.