What Sets Us Apart

Changing the Perspective of Dentistry, One Visit and One Person at a Time

Each person visiting Dentistry on Fruitville for the first time arrives with preconceived notions of what will happen.

Sadly, many of these initial beliefs are negative. Many times, individuals expect discomfort, even pain during a procedure; other times they expect to be lectured, judged, or even shamed about their dental health. And then there are those who think they’re going to be pressured into expensive services or treatment they don’t want or need.

Dr. Amanda Rizner and our team understand why some people have such negative expectations of dentistry; we’re here to help change those perspectives, caring for each person as an individual and providing the high-quality, ethical, painless dentistry they deserve!

Personalized and Gentle Patient-Centered Dental Care

Dentistry on Fruitville, in Sarasota, is a private, family-owned dental practice that welcomes people of all ages from all walks of life. We’re all about healthy smiles and just as passionate about the overall health, happiness, and wellbeing of each person we have the privilege to serve.

As an independent practice, we have the freedom to provide you with the type of dental care we’d expect for ourselves and our families: high-quality, professional, and ethical, with each interaction grounded in respect and compassion.

  • Communication: Honest and direct communication is core to who we are and how we practice. From your first conversation through every visit, we work to establish and maintain a comfortable dialogue. That means really listening, asking questions that help us understand your desires and concerns, and being available to answer your questions, too. Please know that we are non-judgmental and will meet you where you are, helping you achieve the healthy smile you desire, in a manner where you feel safe and heard!
  • Informed, Individualized Dental Care: Dr. Rizner will always explain your diagnosis, walk you through different treatment options, discuss what she feels is best for you, and answer your questions. Then, together, you will decide how to proceed. Before any procedure, she’ll explain what will happen, what to expect, and why it’s being done. This is your mouth, your health, and your smile and you deserve to be a fully informed participant in your dental care!
  • Painless, Anxiety-Free Dentistry: We’re proud be known for our gentle touch and always taking our time to ensure you are physically and emotionally at ease during visits. If you have dental-related fears, please talk with us. Dr. Rizner understands your apprehensions and offers several safe and effective sedation options that will alleviate your worries and ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during procedures!

Schedule Your Visit

Dr. Rizner and our team look forward to welcoming you to the Dentistry on Fruitville family. Please contact our Sarasota, FL dental office, serving Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, and surrounding communities, to schedule a visit, today!